1.Arriving at Thailand,

Cheap flights to Thailand are easily accessible since most Asian and international airlines fly to Bangkok daily. There are also direct international flights to Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Phuket Krabi, and Udon Thani.Thailand-hotel-2
Cheap flights to Thailand are also sold in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Thailand’s national air carrier is the THAI Airways. Bangkok Airways is another local airline offering cheap Thailand flights to domestic destinations. Thailand Airport is well appointed with tourist and passenger information stations for queries and travel details. WiFi service is readily accessible at the lobby, in some shops, cafes, and restaurants.
2.Getting Around,

Going around Thailand is easy because there are many forms of public transportation available. The government-owned bus company BKS has a stop in every province, and there are other private bus companies that offer the same fare rates. When riding a bus, you can choose from different accommodations: first class, second class, VIP, and express routes.4
Another interesting Thai public transport is the songthaew, an improvised truck fitted with benches on either side. These are known locally as “minibuses”. Another tourist favorite is the tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled motorcycle attached to a passenger carriage. Riding taxicabs is also a convenient way to get around Thai cities, especially in Chiang Mai.
3.Main attractions,

Thailand is famous for its white sand beaches and tropical islands. Ko Chang and Ko Lipe are two of the many islets great for diving, snorkelling, and other water sports.pkg_img_1698-st11_exotic_thailand
Phuket is a real beach bum mecca and is also a home to posh resort hotels. The Ko Pha Ngan is famous for its Full Moon Part along its beautiful coastline. If you arrive from Bangkok, Ko Samet is the nearest beach getaway. Thailand is known, too, for its diverse flora and fauna. A must-see are the Khao Yai National Park and the Khao Sok National Park for their wildlife reserves.
4.Shopping, Dining and Night Life,

Thailand is South East Asia’s shopper’s paradise. You can get cheap finds at the local stalls and at the public markets where you purchase fancy clothing, jewelry, fruits, street food, and handicrafts, at bargain prices. Almost every town in Bangkok has a night market.living_in_thailand
Chiang Mai is famous for its Night Bazaar. Weekend bazaars are also buzzing with antique dealers and fresh produce sellers. When shopping in Thai bazaars, you are always expected to haggle, as vendors tend to jack up their prices. Thai cuisine is a gastronomic delight. Food is cheap in open-air food courts that line the streets offering curries, shakes, fresh fruits, fish, and stir-fried noodles.


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